An African Face in NY: Barima

June 28, 2007


As promised here’s the first profile of an African Face in NY series. I ask the questions, he answers 🙂

Dude what’s your name?

Barima Kodjo Asante-Sakyi III

Where you’re from?

Born & raised in Accra, Ghana. Also raised in NYC.

What do you do in NY?

Baruch College graduate, currently working as an IT Analyst at Citigroup. I like to sometimes call myself a connoisseur of music, (expect maybe country)

How long have you been living in NY?

4.5 years, since I started college.

What do you think of Vanity Fair latest issue on Africa? (if you read it of course):

WONDERFUL. It’s about time the world sees Africa for what it has accomplished, and not for its images of AIDS victims, famine, and Darfur. Kudos to Bono!

The last word (anything you’d like to add):

Live life to the fullest. In other words, whatever you do in life, make sure you do it “AVEC CLASSE”!!


An African Face in NY

June 21, 2007

MoiIf it isn’t the week of features uh, here’s yet another rubric that I’m adding to “I’m An African in NY” because I thought it’d be fun. So the rubric is called An African Face in NY. I will be posting a pic and a short bio (an interview of sort) of Africans from all walks of life. This way you get to see that not all of us in NY are bootleggers, braid hair for instance. But yea I might have a bootleg dude once in a while (I said from all walks of life right?). So I’m planning on walking up to random people who look African (wtf does an African look like anyway) and ask them to feature. If they refuse I’ll take a photo of them anyway and run. Or I just might ask some of my friends to feature. In any case check out the first African face next week. In the meantime here’s an African face for you…yes that’s me, what’s your point you little bugger…