African Beauty “au Naturel” Winner

That’s it folks let the winner be known, enough with the suspense already right :-D? In spite of the low turnout of participants – 10 only 😦 – myself and the rest of the judges (including my mother, and no I don’t live with her, anyway wtf do you care…so piss off) still had a hard time picking out the winner, since all participants were so beautiful!

So the winner of the 3 gift cards (Best Buy, Target and iTunes) is none other than the enchanting Chioma. More about her below. Many thanks to those who participated and great week-end to all. See ya @ the Shrine tonight maybe?

Nationality: Nigeria
Occupation: Nursing Student
Hobbies: Debating, Reading
Age: 24

A little about me: As stated earlier, I am from Nigeria. I moved to the United States 10 years ago with my family to pursue my education. Currently, I am in my final year as a nursing student at Lehman College. My interest include promoting the African culture, meeting new people and learning about things that I do not know.


contest-4.jpg contest-6.jpg


6 Responses to African Beauty “au Naturel” Winner

  1. Inem says:

    Nice pictures. But really, African beauty would have been more manifest without the glasses. I mean, compare the be-spectacled ones with the one without the Binoculars. Nice pick. She deserves the Win. What’s Next?

  2. brandy says:

    i like your picture, you are so beauty and naturel.

  3. foreigner says:

    this is no beauty but a heavy-set stouty

  4. foreigner says:

    she ugly.

  5. Jimmy says:

    The beauty of Africa makes me wonder.I wonder what it takes,what it cost to get this beauty in my life.Look girl your beauty inspired me,I wish to get you in my life I could be the happierest man on Earth. However this my number 61 403270457 from Australia if you like call me.

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