Mister, I need Visa to go America

June 5, 2007

A recent visit to the Immigration offices in NYC and the hilarious video below reminded me of what a stressful process it was to come (at least try) to the US and maintain your status once admitted. I’m sure you’re heard your share of I-20 and other visa related nightmare stories so I won’t waste your time ;-). So sit back, relax and enjoy the clip (courtesy of Nollywood of course!)…


Why Africans risk their neck for ‘Papiers’?

April 11, 2007

“Papiers” is pronounced [pa’ pyay] and is French for papers literally. Depending on which part of the continent you’re from, you may know it as “mikanda”, “krataa”, green card, carte de sejour etc. basically any document that proves your legal status in the USA or any western country. So why risk our neck for papiers? Well, beside the fact that you can get a burger for about 99 cents, you get a shot at an improved quality of life. You can say what you want but it’s true. Had your parents not made the bold move of immigrating to the US (or wherever), you wouldn’t be sitting in the computer lab of your community college reading this :-), and more importantly you wouldn’t fully appreciate the jokes of Family Guy (gigili gigili). What about those who leave their families in some remote villages in the heart of the motherland to come here to seek a better life? Man, and did you hear about that Senegalese dude who made the trip to Paris Ocean 11’s style (hidden in a suitcase I’m not shitting youJ). I’m sure the stories are plenty of Africans who go through hell in their quest for Papiers (and feel free to tell yours) but we do it to survive, for a better life coz you know back home they don’t exactly offer 401k plans:-D. Oh you’re not feeling my answer? As usual, feel free to give your $0.02.