This Vanity Africa Affair

thedonthediva.jpgSo you’ve heard the buzz about the Vanity Fair July 07 issue about Africa guest edited by Bono, and you’ve seen the many covers of the issue graced by those celebrities most invested in the African cause. Fine, but were you curious enough to get a copy? I know I did and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Surprised because I don’t recall when I last purchased or even read Vanity Fair (is that bad :-/), therefore I didn’t know what to expect. So I grabbed the one featuring Don Cheadle and Iman (which I dubbed “The Don & The Diva” ) a couple of days ago at Virgin in Union Square. I noticed that there many more copies still available of the one with Brad Pitt and Archbishop Desmond Tutu compared to the other ones. In any case, the articles are very informative and discuss a lot of the issues affecting the African continent (HIV/AIDS, government corruption, Darfur etc.) as well as the positives (Literature, artists, rising personalities etc.), all of it presented with a lot of optimism and hope. Some of the pieces in the magazine also feature the work of African journalists which I thought was a nice touch. My favorite article written by a Sebastian Junger was about the involvement of China (purely for economic interest it seems) in Africa (their indirect involvement in Darfur by selling weapons to the Sudanese government in return for oil among other things), mind blowing that one. I urge each and everyone with an interest in ‘all things African’ to get their hands on one!


3 Responses to This Vanity Africa Affair

  1. Jola Naibi says:

    The Lazarus Effect was my favorite…it’s always dramatic to see the way ARVs can transform the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. I am still in the middle of reading it, but did like the story of how the wind of change blew in Kenya and how the people took advantage of it. I am looking forward to reading the article on African writers. There are quite a number of great photos in there of Africans who are making a difference. I thumbed threw it and noticed photos of Wole Soyinka, Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson, a parade of African movie directors, etc. My cover is the one with Sen Obama and Don Cheadle…that was the only one on display when I bought it at my local grocery store. I think every African especially those of us who live in the diaspora and are often confronted with issues of discrimination even in the subtlest form should pick up a copy of the magazine. It is one of the feel-good things of the summer. Vanity Fair has always been a source for some of the best pieces of investigative journalism around and until recently I was a subscriber.

  2. Papa Shongo says:

    I’m reading The Lazarus Effect next then. There are lots of colorful photos indeed and the first one that caught my eyes while browsing the mag was that of ‘Les Elephants’, Ivory Coast national football team. Houses on the hills and fans in the stadium in the background, wow that was ill 😉

  3. Barima says:

    I bought the magazine yesterday, with Maya Angelou & Chris Rock on the cover. So far, I read Desmond Tutu’s interview with Brad Pitt about Ubuntu, and the SPIRIT OF AFRICA, with the Ivorian soccer team, Mo Ibrahim, and other powerful. Very powerful issue. The next article for me will be the Lazarus Effect. I’ve already glanced through the article. Thanks for letting me know about this wonderful issue.

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