Bon Appetit “a l’Africaine”

Summer should be all about fun and I have decided to do just that this year. See, a week ago I started following Tim Ferriss now popular diet, which basically consists of eating slow carbs, vegetables and legumes etc in various combinations. I’m hoping I can shed the targeted 20 lbs (hopefully more) by the end of the summer. You can read all about it here. The coolest thing about this diet is that after almost a week of healthy eating, you get rewarded with one day off:-D. Yes 24 hours of indulging in the guiltiest of culinary pleasures, talk about an ‘all you can eat’ buffet uh lol. Although my first day off was okay (it consisted of ingurgitating crepes and home made cookies), I’ve decided from now on to use that day to experience all the African cuisine the Big Apple has to offer. That’s right, if you ever wondered what in the world they eat in Ethiopia or Zambia for instance, wonder no more:-D because by summer’s end I’ll probably give you an answer (Senegalese dish here already), at least I hope I will. Evidently I may not find an Angolan restaurant in New York for instance so I’ll do with whatever African restaurant I can find. In some cases, say Congolese cuisine, I might cook (ok maybe I’ll just ask my mother) a popular dish myself. Voila, stay tuned for my Sunday entries and bon appetit 😉


8 Responses to Bon Appetit “a l’Africaine”

  1. 8081 says:

    Hi! Nice blog! Are you gonna post also the recipes of the dishes you, actually your mom, will do? I know this is more a blog for eaters than for cooks 🙂 i’m just curious!

  2. Papa Shongo says:

    Mostly I’ll be going to restaurants but if I cook myself, I don’t mind sharing the recipe upon request. Come back again soon, thanks.

  3. Andre says:

    I love African food and i think its something that everyone should be able to sit down and experience, because thats what it is an experience! From Ethiopia’s Injera to Nigeria’s fufu to Kenya’s Ugali & Nyama Choma. Makes you feel like you’ve travelled half way around the world. Speaking of food & travel, Bon Appetit is currently running a sweepstakes where the lucky winner will get to travel to NYC, have lunch with the magazine’s editors and get to tour the Food Network studios. Sounds like fun ? Here’s how to enter Just sharing since i work with Bon Appetit.

  4. Papa Shongo says:

    Definitely an experience Andre, and that i intend to do this summer starting tomorrow!!! ;-D Thanks for the link to the contest and for visiting.

  5. Ishtar says:

    Mmm, that was fresh!

  6. Barima says:

    Lemme know what next time u’re going to an African restaurant. I would kil for some gumbo right now. (courtesy of Cheick’s mom)

  7. Papa Shongo says:

    Speaking of gumbo, I had that on monday 😀

  8. Barima says:

    I think I need to join u on that diet!

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