Oh, but your English is so good!

back2back.jpgI came across this original website (which looks like it was built in the Windows 95 by the way) and immediately laughed after reading the testimonials on the main page. The site is basically a satire of Blacks & Whites relationships (I should say Whites & Blacks) and denounces with a sarcastic tone the many stereotypes Blacks suffer from. I have heard my share of silly statements as did you I’m certain, from interviewers, classmates, coworkers and the title of this post is just one of them. I even suspect that I got a previous job based on the fact that the hiring person was so amazed that I spoke English so well, coming from Africa and all. Can you imagine how depressing that shit is? We all know stereotypes stem from ignorance but I believe things aren’t always black and white. Sometimes people genuinely don’t know any better and might not even realize how denigrating their comments may be to Blacks and other minorities. But really it’s not necessarily a Whites against Blacks (and vice versa) thing right? It could be any one group versus another. Is that racism? I don’t know…

Anyway, the authors of the Black People Love Us website (identified only as Johnny and Sally, although I suspect like some readers, that some blacks folks are in on this also) have received some mixed reactions to their controversial website, and I invite to check it out here. Oh, before you do that I just want to share one of my favorite ‘silly’ conversations, involving I of course and a certain Caucasian (I really didn’t want to say ‘white girl’).

– Girl: “Shongo, you’re really from Africa? Oh, I always assumed you were from the West Indies”

– Me: “Really, why?”

– Girl (now blushing): “um…(followed by embarrassed laugh)

– Me (thinking): “WTF? Perhaps I should have said in turn that I too had assumed she was Scandinavian, you know with the blond hair and blue eyes” 😉

Photo source: http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com/index.html


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