Madiba Restaurant in Brooklyn

Madiba in Brooklyn

Now that the warm weather’s here (sorta) I’ve decided to make most of it by checking out various African restaurants and hang outs throughout the Big Apple and tell you (yes you dude!) about my experience. Feel free also to comment or recommend a good place you know of. Mind you I’m no critic of any sort, just a regular dude giving my personal opinion about those establishments, so don’t go using this as a Zagat survey lol.

So…last week-end my roommate and I got invited to hang out in Brooklyn at this South African restaurant called Madiba. I always heard some things said about that place (good and bad) so I was looking forward to experiencing it first hand. Actually it wasn’t bad at all, I liked very much the decor (very modest mirrored after typical local bars in poor African cities’ neighborhoods), the crowd (cosmopolitan, hey it’s BK after all), the ambiance and the live performance (being a guitar player myself, i loved it). I even spotted Corinne Bailey Rae and Alec Wek there too! (ok ok ‘look alikes’ maybe). You have the option to seat indoors but who would want to in the warm season? So outside we sat, and the view oh my goodness…let me just say there are some beautiful people in Brooklyn ! ;-D

As for the food, there are few things on the menu you might need the waitress (very friendly) to elaborate on if you’re not from Southern Africa. But not to worry they have chicken wings and french fries (or is it freedom fries?) if you’re not feeling like trying African dishes :-D. I really wanted to try some Southern Africa beers but unfortunately they had run out of Windhoek Lager (my friend let me have a sip of hers tough). They had Red Stripe (Jamaican beer?), Corona and the usual stuff as alternatives however.

In any case we all had a good time there and I’m planning of going back there sometime soon, for brunch maybe? lol For more information about Madiba, visit their website for menu, events and directions at

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7 Responses to Madiba Restaurant in Brooklyn

  1. Barima says:

    I heard good stories about this place. That’s another place I need to check out.

  2. Papa Shongo says:

    Yea it’s very busy in the summer i hear, nice chillout spot though.

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  4. janet says:

    I love I-shebeen madiba… i’ve been there twice. The second time was even better, maybe it was a dif chef. Love my SA food 🙂

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  6. b aidara says:

    no, the place that you need to check out is called maytek on flatbush off of Lincoln Road. Take the B,Q, or S to Prospect Park and walk down to Flatbush, it will be across the street on the right hand side. It looks a little shady from the outside because the windows are covered with black tint, but upon walking in you will see that it is a full fledged restaurant. You can get Ghanaian food and libation at a good price. I dined at Maytek for the first time today and the food was delicious. I had never before eaten Ghanaian food and I thoroughly enjoyed my yam and spinach stew. I wasn’t the only one impressed with the fare. I dined in the company of a Ghanaian who eats at the place regularly and a guy from Gabon, both gentlemen declared the food authentic and delicious; both guys felt homesick while eating. It appeared that only two people worked in the entire restaurant, but there is a woman who really runs the ship. I do not know her name, but she was, both, the chef, waitress, order taker, and everything else. The atmosphere is very laid back. In fact, according to my Ghanaian cohort, “Maytek possess the true feel of a chopbar [pidgeon english] in Ghana.” So, if you want delicious, authentic Ghanaian fare at a good price, then check out Maytek on Flatbush and Lincoln.

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