Why DR Congolese like to bleach their skin?

For a long time I used to think that it was mainly us (yes I’m Congolese, and no I’m dark-skin) who were so fond of this. But apparently it’s become a trend throughout the years with the Congolese, Ghanaians and Nigerians as frontrunners to name a few. So why fuck up your skin and risk getting skin cancer? Oh that’s simple…Michael Jackson! Yes I know that sounds as crazy as the OJ verdict but MJ used to be bigger a deal than one might think (second only to Mobutu, thanks his brainwashing TV ads technique). You see, MJ not realizing his status of semi-god started the bleaching trend in the 80’s and us being dumb as we once were followed blindly. The reasoning was that if MJ thought it was ok to aspire to be white then nothing else mattered. Heck it doesn’t even matter if your face is light-skin but your legs are black as coal right? It used to be that women were more prone to practice bleaching but dudes are catching up too, need proof? Just check out any Koffi Olomide or soukouss video.

10 Responses to Why DR Congolese like to bleach their skin?

  1. silent says:

    you’re a dick. get your facts straight. michael jackson, king of pop did/does not bleach his skin for vainity. you fucking loser. he suffers from a skin condition called – vilitigo (i may have the wrong spelling here) but look it up! there are many cases of this throughout the world.

    if your gonna post something like this, get


  2. Salim says:

    Silent, the spelling is Vitiligo which is a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin.

  3. Hannah says:

    its a big issue in the east african community as well! the minnesota department of health even issued a public statement discouraging people from using bleach creams because high contents of mercury have been found in them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why Are You Stereotyping All Congolese People?

  5. Rhiannon says:

    I live in Zambia which boarders Congo and I guess it’s a part of their culture. Congo was a Belgian colony and the Belgians were really colorist and favoured the light skinned Congolese with thin noses just like they did in Rwanda. Skin bleaching is illegal in Zambia because of how badly it affects skin but there are still loads of Congolese people who smuggle in bleaching creams from Congo. Skin bleaching is common throughout other African countries it;s just more common there. In Zambia it’s more common with uneducated girls but in Congo its EVERYONE my neighbours were Congolese, the woman was a trained doctor but she still bleached her skin, But yeah I think it’ something that has stayed on since Colonialism. And Michael Jackson did bleach his skin vitiligo doesn’t take over THAT quick

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  7. sonia says:

    its called colonialism darlink!!💩 and da other person that got a sickness called rancorous theres no need to swear or curse with such aggression. cant people say something without cussing. i find it had to believe he had that problem mj wid his skin trust me him bleach because he straightened his hair to look the part then after dat em wear wigs of straight hair. he chànged his features complete. his noeshole you could barerly see it and other parts of his african features. he was so handsome as a young man with his fro. i love michael but dont be an I D I O T to believe dat was medica that he turned completely white if so why change hair noes hole ànd also him hair. he wanted to look European. period. im not hating im being non bias ànd honest. still i love michael.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not all congolese people bleach so the generalization is unnecessary

  9. Breeda Browne says:

    Am not a Congolese…was just passing and i thought i should clarify that “NOT ALL CONGOLESE ARE BLEACHING” I’ve been in Congo i lived there for 10 years…but are still men & women who doesn’t bleached their skin they’re black and they’re are proud if their skin, and yes off course it is not only Congolese to mane few countries that i know for sure they use bleaching ream… Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ethiopian, Somalian, black American, even Pakistanis and Indians and many more.
    And yes MJ did bleach his skin, believe it or not like or not the truth is MJ did bleach his skin.

  10. Joe Smith says:

    You don’t judge, idiot! Indians, South Africans and Americans all use skin lightening products.

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