Why Nigerians like to wear insanely bright colors?

Oh don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Just do the following: lie to a Naija girl that you’re Yoruba, Igbo or something (to win her favors and hopefully get invited to a Naija wedding). Once at the wedding, take out your digital camera and document the horror :-). The result: now you know exactly how many colors comprise the visible spectrum. There’s a Nigerian church on my block and every sunday looks like a reunion of once popular New Wave bands from the 80’s (think fluorescent yellow, green, blue and etc.). As for an explanation, I’m really clueless on this one so if someone could enlighten me, it’d be much appreciated.

PS: i love Nigerian people 😉


4 Responses to Why Nigerians like to wear insanely bright colors?

  1. nubian says:

    cos we are insanely bright. dude! it’s the fabrics we constanly live under the bright shiny sun we just can’t do gloomy…..

  2. Papa Shongo says:

    Coz you’re insanely bright ah ah … i like that, brilliant 😀

  3. Barima says:

    hahahahh. I had to put this up. Sorry Ibrahim!

  4. audi so”


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