Why Africans are NEVER on time?

Well, this is no mystery to anyone. Conduct the following experiment: call one of your African friends, relative etc. for a rendezvous at a specific time. Now go to the agreed rendezvous spot and arrive 5 minutes prior to the agreed time (give him/her a chance, maybe he/she will show up early, yea right). Stats from the Timekeeping Convention Guild (I just made that up 🙂 show that 80% of the time the African dude will be late. Repeat the above experiment 2-3 times and the results will remain the same. Why? An explanation could be that sometime during Creation, we Africans probably missed the training class God was teaching about Punctuality. It is also believed that we didn’t for a long time have any notion of time, that is until football games started being broadcasted live on the telly. Got a better explanation? Do tell…

One Response to Why Africans are NEVER on time?

  1. Elvina says:

    Hi, I was researching on the differences btn African and American humor when I bumped into your sight…nice!! I am from Uganda and I just moved to Arizona 3 months ago. Certainly very different place. I can relate to the whole time-keeping thing. Actually, do you realise that we as Africans are never really mad when someone does not keep time…that’s probably because we know we are all guilty and are probably going to do it again. You know how they say in Kenya: Hakuna Matata- No hurry in Africa!

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